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mimi orangeblue topDo you have CHALLENGE mentality?

Why do spiritual entrepreneurs think that the rules don’t apply to them?

I wanted to share how one of my clients stepped into BIG prosperity from just one session..

(which is not rare – there is a shift in every session I have with clients) you see she was all into the challenges that you see other coaches doing and was sucked into that – she wondered why she was getting so many objections on her enrollment calls..

I pointed out a few things to her:

 One thing was that her subconscious mind was making sure that she was getting challenges in all areas of her life since she was so into the” Challenges” that other coaches thought were fun to do.

After our session and shift RESULTS: the moment she stopped participating in these challenges is when she signed on big clients a few $2500 and $10,000 and did not get the challenging enrollment conversations she was once getting..hmmmm?

Interesting dont you think?

Do you see what happened here?

She released Challenges she imposed just by relating herself with the word.

I’d love to help you see and shift from what is blocking your good prosperity from flowing to you too.. if you don’t know what is in the way of your prosperity let me take a peek and help you shift into prosperity now. “Open up to Money Now” Session and Course open for enrollment..

Reach out to my assistant at:

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