“Group Consciousness Success and YOU!”

Written By Mimi Quick


Why I am not a BIG fan of other people’s groups?

One, if you understand the dynamic of groups you’d understand why I am not a fan.

Let me help you understand.

Your prosperity consciousness encompasses feelings, actions, thoughts beliefs, and creates your current reality. So what you thought of yesterday or even talked about, read about, is swimming in your consciousness now. It can and will manifest if you accept it on a SUBconscious level and most people do without knowing. Women are being hypnotized, by marketing, media, and other things to think and feel a certain way.

When you are in a group that is not for you it can PULL your energy, your success and your prosperity level down. That’s not how most people look at it right? They see it as a high, a good thing to be in the same boat together…here’s what happens if you’re on the wrong boat.

*You can feel low

*You don’t know what happened why your not getting results

*You stay in the same low and dense energy for too long you soak it up.

You then have to work extra hard to keep your energy going and many of you think that you can do this and it won’t affect you, but it does on a subconscious level.

So What do you do?

Pick and choose who you play with, are around, and your circles wisely.

For a group that is thriving you’ll see many people prospering not just 1.

There will be an instant increased level of energy, inspiration, and good feeling overall.

YOU will be empowered by the energy and inspired to prosper yourself.

Take a look at what you have allowed into your life and business that may be pulling on your energy subconsciously and then make adjustments.

I create all of my groups without limits and that is why we see all our folks prospering in them in all good ways!

Have a blessed week and I will see you all next week!

Getting ideal conditioning for your mind is the way to go so you can start your path to your prosperity. It is amazing to watch this shift in clients, students, and the freedom and success it brings.

Do you have questions and comments about what I wrote here. Feel free to send us an email and ask your questions or share your comments with us – Mimi Quick’s Team . I’d love to have the opportunity to answer them for you in the next blog post.

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