Prosperous Thinking and Prosperous Health

Your Mind and Body Energy Speaks loud and clear..

After healing myself I created a powerful healing system for those who seek to prosper in the area of health.

mimi 2013 light pathMay 2013 day 2 Align to Prosper Intensive

Here’s what I found out …

That good health is your birthright.

You have the power to heal.

You have a choice.

In my “The Prosperity Muse Teachings” I teach that ..

Your mind is a powerful receiving station that sends out signals to your body..

There are beliefs that are working with you towards your goals and beliefs that are working against your goals at this very moment.

Many of these signals/beliefs/habits are going on without your knowledge it is only when something goes off track you stop to think about it….right?

There is trapped energy that can be contributing to your health issue.

There is inner reflection and clean up work you must do.

Your attitude plays a BIG role in your prosperous health.

You may say things like:

What’s going on here? Why is my body doing this..?

The answer:

Stress, limiting beliefs, and spiritual matters as well as other many other factors may play a big role in what’s happening with your mind and body connection.

What you think can affect the way that you feel and show up in your body too.
Trapped energy can also create a disturbance in your body.

Your mind and body energy can limit you from making the next big sale, attracting your soulmate, and even creating a prosperous business.

If you have been stuck for way too long or experiencing issues in your body.

You are invited to apply  to speak to one of our team members to see if starting off with our Homestudy program is the best way for you to prosperous health or if 1-1 private work with Mimi Quick is best at this time  to apply for your first steps to powerful shifts please contact  and our team will help you through the connection process.


The way you think about your life and business will determine your level of happiness and your level of income. ~ Mimi Quick

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